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Life is a game, a reflection

I am living a game, a complex stimulation with a balance of structure and exploration. It is play. It is freedom from structure, and yet, I am making it purposeful and fun.

Life is a game, and I am playing it.

A game:

1) must be played voluntarily

Sure, there are goals of life such as to make money, be a great husband or wife, make a difference, etc, but the fundamental aim of the game is to have fun, the undeclared sanctity. Have fun with your job, love your husband or wife, believe and smile at the difference you’ve created. To be coerced to play is to violate this sanctity. One who must play cannot play.

2) is about exploration as much as playing

The framework of a great game spawns interesting strategy and limitless exploration. The best games have an excellent balance of structure and exploration. By exploring, we can be great and interesting, but never perfect. Like chess, we can only be ‘very good’ at life.

Never has there been so much seriousness in having fun and exploring. And, in the end, isn’t that what life is all about? Determine the goal, love the goal, love life, and, most importantly, have fun.



First of all. You’re amazing and gorgeous.

Tomorrow’s my first day of finals. Should be easy enough. Math. Chem. English. All my major classes in one day. I hope I kill it, but this post is not about taking really boring tests. This post is about tomorrow. And even tomorrow, a big test day, it’s all about showing off your life, your learning, and your laugh. It’s never about taking tests, guys. Remember that, even if you’re taking your finals. It’s about the epicness of you.

Take a deep breath. Allow the sun to hit you. Open your arms, and await it.