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This is written in one shot. Stream of conscious, boom, random, kind of, but something I wrote nonetheless. Not the best, but … ok.

In scholastic bowl, for completely random in-the-dark guesses, for whatever reason, we have a tradition of guessing “Smith,” which is pretty much never right, but it is a constancy we sit back on. It feels good: Smith. It does, but never right. Smith, and if you have watched The Matrix, you would recognize him as the one who compared humanity to a virus. A virus with a host of mother nature we are, and always feeding and begetting, replicating, reproducing, duplicating. One. Two. Four. Eight. Semelparity, exponentially, big bang, and consume we do. Like the fire in Stravinsky’s Firebird, from a small flame to one that is whirlwind cymbal dramatic, trombone blasting, piccolos screaming into the timber sparks and bombast dust. Mankind. Smith. Evolution. Only needing enough to replicate. and so we replicate, limited by not us but the medium in which we live in. Limited not by us. No, we are limited by our egocentricity, or perhaps, the heliocentricity, virus unable to spread outwards of the sun. Be we do anyways go above the heavens in some sort of self-proclaimed apotheosis, whether it is by our egos or whatever, we answer, perhaps with something completely random like a firebird. this is why as mere mortals of the Scholastic bowl team, we answer and we are wrong with “Smith,” and we’re ok with it. Because, we’re just human.


Dope-ass Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing

//Wanted to write something for funsies. Whipped this up. Don’t take it too seriously. (:

If you have ever seen a chrysalis opening, you know that there’s a delicate click before a butterfly emerges.

If you have ever wanted anything to go right in your life, you’ve probably pursued ‘the click.’ Some use ‘a click’ to describe suddenly getting an idea like math or economic theory, but this is ‘the click.’

And to me, ‘ the click’ is of worshipable significance.

It’s a nonphysical entity that compels me to change into somebody anew, an idea, an inception, if you will, that attack the cells in my body that aren’t a part of this transformation. It’s like I was an ass-kicking autobot all along, undergoing this deceptive transformation, and all along, a chrysalis turning into a dope-ass Queen Alexandra’s birdwing, all along. It’s like, “Neo, you take the red pill –you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes,” but just then, I turn into an autobot and kick Morpheus in the face, and I take neither pill.

The click is giving myself control, finding new reality. This idea is crazier than turning into an autobot and kicking Morpheus in the face because this idea is the truth.

And truth is, most people can’t handle the truth. Truth is, everybody is somebody, smart, beautiful, agreeable, creative, entertaining, inspiring. But some don’t see it within to come out of the chrysalis. But to those that do, they are the autobots, those that change form and make a god damn difference.

And truth is, ‘the click’ is the first step to making this difference; in a world filled with blue and red pills, I suddenly realize that the inception is the inception, the matrix is the matrix, and the decepticons are the decepticons.

To click is to connect myself with reality, the best reality I can ever dream to become. ‘Click.’ And, truly, become a dope-ass Queen Alexandra’s birdwing.

Artificial Intelligence

A few years ago, I didn’t know the difference between influence and affluence. And teachers told me to be wary of the contrast. Now that I understand the difference, I see no difference in the word choice in the following sentence:

The internet has _____.
a) influence      b) affluence

Indeed, the internet has both influence and affluence, popularity and opulence, to such a degree that it is almost a religion: [video].

If Facebook is a celebrity, then the internet is a god. If Twitter is a 200 pound bass fish, then the internet would be the torrential rivulet that carries it. The influence of internet is so ubiquitous that we sometimes cease to notice it. In the future, the internet browser will be as widespread as paper. In fact, that’s exactly what the chromebook is: [video].

Not only is the internet torrentially influential, it is also mighty affluent, rich like a limitless gold mine, educational resources at the touch, monetary  transactions at the click.

So what are we going to do with the internet?

Personally, I believe that’s the wrong question. The right question: What is the internet going to do with us? The web has grown so much that it is now a monster that we each have a part of. And if it dies (which is nearly impossible), the framework of society perishes.

So that’s the internet. Affluent. Influent.

A. I.

It’s Starting to Look a lot like Christmas.

Christmas. Wafting scents of cookie dough and caroling. Jingle bells and snowing. And the warm spirit. It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas. People are starting to put the lights up. Snow and hot chocolate and Santas and choirs.

In my life, it’s a long period of rest and time for family instead of a time of present buying and frenzied shopping and an overhype of gifts. Overcomsumption, and a drive to put gifts in the center is not the way to go. Once you think about it, nobody even touches the toy the day after Christmas. It’s the people that matter. I’m very lucky to have dedicated friends and warm family members. The spirit is priceless.

But I agree; it does get pretty hectic. Just keep it as simple as possible and make life as meaningful as possible for yourself and for those around you. After all, that’s the whole idea of Christmas.

Mmm. Snow, the plentiful diamond in December. The snow just makes you want to cuddle up inside. Fantastic fun. And I’m very lucky. It’s going to soon be another year. Another time to forget the past and advance for the future.

Now I’m hungry for a candy cane. It’s looking great outside, a lot like Christmas.

The Essence of Comfort.

I overheard some small kids working with their parents the other day. One kid said enthusiastically, “Hey, gimme  some multiplication problems. I can do them!” The extreme curiosity to do math demonstrated by this kid made me wonder. I started to think; what makes this circumstance so incredible? For one, the kid obviously has complete mastery over the multiplication table. Likewise in life, we feel more comfortable doing things that we are good at. It’s not that we don’t like to challenge ourselves; somethings that we feel comfortable doing could be something highly difficult. Every system should impose comfort.

Some might argue that when you’re comfortable, you don’t challenge yourself. There is not variation. There is not thinking creatively. However empirically, the exactly opposite effect occurs. When one is comfortable – showing mastery – one will want to improve autonomously.

The popular person at work or school is often not the richest, or hardest working person in a group. The popular person is usually the one who makes others feel comfortable around.

Thus in our society today, it is imperative for society to show some warmth and comfort in order to grow and succeed for the wellbeing of mankind. The colder something is, the slower it moves.

The Subway Effect

Subways is one of my favorite fast food restaurants. They’re speedy, clean and fresh. Well, they’re sometimes fresh. I only go to the subway restaurants that have a lot of customers, because the ones sellin’ like hotcakes probably got fresh stock. I don’t want rotten tomatoes. I want the fresh stuff. I want the restaurant that sells them the fastest because those are recognized as a ‘good place to eat’ by other people. And so I want to eat there too.

And this effect where good things just becomes more reputable naturally  – dubbed by me as the Subway effect – can be applied to almost every field. Your reputation at the workplace/school. Your superawesome comic strips.

This … blog?