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Dice with Buddies (Yahtzee) personal heuristics

1. Be somewhat certain you can get the 35 bonus before you fill up 4 of a kind unless you are totally winning and are just looking for a safe game.

2. The 35 bonus requires an average of 3x per ever single category. Aiming for 3x in each will fail. Aim for 4x on some 5s, and 6s and worry about the 1s, 2s, and 3s at the end. With this in mind, the 1s square is a pretty good box for busted draws as it is pretty much worthless.

3. The chance square should be used for busted large straight draws. Unless very high busted 3,4 of a kinds later in game can get you high chance scores.

4. Chase for 5 of a kind (Yahtzee) early in the game. Don’t be afraid to use it as a filler for busted draws as you run out of turns. On that note, this rule is the same but looser for 4 of a kind and full house. If you don’t score for 4 of a kind or full house, realistically, will probably lose.

5. Promising high initial rolls of 1s or 2s or other combinations of low numbers, unlike 6s, should be used to chase full house, 5 of a kinds (Yahtzee) or perhaps even straights. Busted full house, 5 of a kinds can be used to fill 1s and 2s, etc.

6. Though it might be tempting to re-roll everything if you get a bogus initial roll, consider keeping the highest number for high 3 or 4 of a kinds. On that note, don’t be afraid to re-roll everything if there is nothing, but always consider the board. For example, keep a 3 if you’re thinking about small straight possibilities, etc.

7. Though expected value is difficult to mentally calculate especially with three turns ahead, it is useful to be aware that it is unwise to go for 4 of a kind or 5 of a kind when you have a full house even if it is 3 sixes.

8. More expected value: If you roll a small straight with a double (2 5s or 2 6s), don’t reroll for the 35 bonus points. Get points for small straight.

9. Banking on rolling 3 of a kind for any specific number in mind is a bad idea as it is statistically infrequent. If you get a pair of 5s but you already have 5s, maybe good idea to go for 3 of a kind instead even if you are hard headed with the 35 bonus points.

Any other heuristics you use? share in comments! (:


Still Me ~

This is nearly unedited because my friend wandered off in the midst of editing. It’s alright; it’s totally unfit for any other purpose anyways; too long and aimless for an anecdote, too short and aimless for a proper story. So it’s here, on the blog.

Hope you enjoy.

White haired and weathered, he sat there complacently in one of those sofas, humming along mentally as he meticulously opened the book Still Me by Christopher Reeves. Impaled with genodermatosis, amebiases, colerectal cancer, chorioretinal inflammation, and other foul-sounding diseases that he could not pronounce, he sat in the air conditioned library helplessly, ass in the seat, walker dangling pathetically at his side. He slowly brought Still Me to his wrinkles, and made out a few words with extreme difficulty, but doing so successfully gave him extreme pride. This was his life, a loosely wound metronome, producing a faint leathery sound, like tapping a soft sofa.

He pretended to be young by wearing a cloak, a sky blue Hawaiian shirt that seemed to say “I’m happy!” But that couldn’t be further from the truth. If life was the sea, he would be a disregarded plastic toy boat, helplessly and aimlessly moving with the quick paced, foamy currents.

His daughter, in her late 30s, hurried along into the library, her heels clicking noisily along to the couches to pick up the old man as it was on her dutiful schedule to do so. She called out in an obnoxious voice, “Hey!” to the old man, her lips bloodied by lipstick, and skin diseased by powder. Walking in, she disturbed the contemplative atmosphere of the library, cracking a very thin ice of placidity. But she took no regards, continuing, announcing, “What’s the junk, this book Still Me? Yeah, let’s go.” The old man withered. Forcefully, she slammed the book down and pointed to the exit and demanded, “Let’s. Go.” The old man sighed.

The man wanted to make a formidable appeal to her, but it would be futile, causing needless confusion, so he sighed instead, swearing mentally at the wraths of time. Still Me by Christopher Reeves was left on the chair arm as the man ached to stand up to meet his walker, pathetically, in a way that shrieks, “I need help!” But there was no incoming help, as his daughter took no notice, walking out with a flick of her hair, declaring “I’ll be out in the car.”

The man could only see her daughter move so effortlessly in a way that made him so irately jealous. He cringed.

The old man’s face saddened as he could do absolutely nothing but be washed up and down the currents of life. Perhaps it was only fair; he had his fun when he was young, and now his time was over. He trembled to stand up, gripping the walker with a hawkish might, inching forward, fighting hard against the uncooperative knee and enervated thighs.

Looking back at the book, Still Me, he decided to abandon it for it would take an eternity to read it anyways. He trembled as he dragged himself forward, moving out in jerky uncontrolled movements. Alone, no one could help him, failing even to ride the currents. As he walked to the door, he wondered if this was the way things meant to be.

He walked slowly to the car, her daughter waiting impatiently with a false grin thrown carelessly over her face. He sighed; not distressed, but tired. Tired of life. And perhaps, the way to make everyone happy, including himself, was to sink to the bottom of sea.
He was still him.

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Do you have a popcorn brain?

I do, and it’s driving me nuts.

What is it? Your brain changes. And internet may be changing it for the worse. Nicholas Carr did an article on it. and CNN wrote about it recently.

The stimulation of multitasking in the electronic world is slowly generating an extremely ‘poppy’ brain. It’s not noxious or life threatening, but it’s very irritating. I often find my eyes dallying across the page, unfocused, while thinking about life and other completely unrelated things. When I write, my writing tends to be extremely multifaceted, sometimes even rubbish. When I speak, watch out.

I am reprehensible, getting an exorbitant amount of screen time, but I am trying; I don’t use the computer as often during the summer, and I’m definitely reading more. And I’m also exercising more, trying to enlarge technology hiatuses throughout my day.

The sad truth is, many people are inflicted with popcorn brain. Let me guess, you are extremely distracted, and you’re thinking about other things as you read this blog. The last time you touched your phone was within the hour. But even sadder is, popcorn brain may be inevitable. The internet is one of the most useful and ubiquitous tools. I can flip to page 29 of a dictionary and read up the definition of ‘abhor’, or I can much google it in one shot. Our society is digitalized, and we’re compelled to live it.

The internet is a very benevolent and impressive thing, connecting, entertaining, educating, edifying. However, we are natural hedonists so we are suckers for the crap that gives us immediate pleasure. Blech.

I completely abhor it; it makes me disgustingly divergent. And it’s driving me totally nuts.


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