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This is written in one shot. Stream of conscious, boom, random, kind of, but something I wrote nonetheless. Not the best, but … ok.

In scholastic bowl, for completely random in-the-dark guesses, for whatever reason, we have a tradition of guessing “Smith,” which is pretty much never right, but it is a constancy we sit back on. It feels good: Smith. It does, but never right. Smith, and if you have watched The Matrix, you would recognize him as the one who compared humanity to a virus. A virus with a host of mother nature we are, and always feeding and begetting, replicating, reproducing, duplicating. One. Two. Four. Eight. Semelparity, exponentially, big bang, and consume we do. Like the fire in Stravinsky’s Firebird, from a small flame to one that is whirlwind cymbal dramatic, trombone blasting, piccolos screaming into the timber sparks and bombast dust. Mankind. Smith. Evolution. Only needing enough to replicate. and so we replicate, limited by not us but the medium in which we live in. Limited not by us. No, we are limited by our egocentricity, or perhaps, the heliocentricity, virus unable to spread outwards of the sun. Be we do anyways go above the heavens in some sort of self-proclaimed apotheosis, whether it is by our egos or whatever, we answer, perhaps with something completely random like a firebird. this is why as mere mortals of the Scholastic bowl team, we answer and we are wrong with “Smith,” and we’re ok with it. Because, we’re just human.


Why I am against texting

My argument was persuasive enough to sway myself. I would like to share with you why I am against texting.

A couple of years ago, when I was first introduced to texting, I immediately disclosed it as a scam; I deemed it as a paid form of email. However, as it became popular, the practice was legitimized. I accepted it because I acknowledged texting as a form of silent and versatile communication. It did not distract others and could be sent and viewed at any comfortable time.

Over time, however, I realized texting was neither silent nor versatile. (in general)

Texting quickly became the most distracting form of communication. Where people in the past would tactfully excuse themselves from a table to make a call, now people would obnoxiously text bluntly in your prescience.

However, the bigger problem was its lack of versatility.

Texts are so goddamn laconic that it outrightly eliminates any complexities of a spoken message. Sarcasm, emphasis, tone are all succinctly razed by the touch of the send button. The purpose of texts is to communicate, and yet, the art of communication is lost by the act of texting.

My friend said that texting avoids the awkwardness found in speech. This is true. However, I would like to point out that texts only avoids the problem of awkward speech, not solve it. In order to solve the problem we must not seek to talk less, but talk more!

Overall, texting is too apathetic, incomplete, artificial, costy, restrictive for my taste.

Do you agree or disagree? Perhaps post an argument in the comments?

On Rebecca Black

Iconic as the creator of the ‘worst music produced in history’, Rebecca Black’s feat is frowned upon. She is vindicated for her poor singing. Her mother paid $4K to help her pursue her dreams only to have Rebecca rejected by the standards of society.

163 million views on youtube. That number is slightly over a third of the US population.

I’m not a pop music person; I’m a game theorist. Let’s not prematurely bash her. I’ll demonstrate why Rebecca’s method is insanely clever and effective in helping her become the next top star.

Your songs make my ears bleed. – Youtube Comment

I would like to comment that very few people in Hollywood can sing. The ‘image’ is what’s important in pop culture. Pop culture moves in a powerful torrent, and before anyone could analyze the trend, it changes. People remember ‘images’, not the value of the voice. Rebecca Bleck will fit right in.

Sunday comes after Saturday? – Justin Bieber

Popularity is the most difficult step in reaching stardom. Rebecca Black got there in one step. People that can sing so much better but are less popular lack the conforming approval of society before they are recognized globally. Rebecca Black is already famous albeit her first song needs some work.

Now that she has the attention, she could do more things. Rebecca did a concert with Katy Perry, chatted with producers, and came out with new music videos.

This ‘horrendous’ music video is perfect in several ways. First of all, youtube is so massive, no one gives a blink to bad videos. Her ‘Friday’ video captures attention and gives something people to conform about.

Should she have made a better video? No. In Hollywood, quantity is more important than quality. Therefore, she will go far as a pop star.

You may dislike her now, but she is somebody people talk about. In the pop culture field, stand out.

But in any other aspect of life, you should outstand.

A Potpourri of Perspectives.

Question: What do you think about pineapples?


  1. Delicious! They are sweet and tangy, but I don’t know if that’s quite the word. if you eat too many your mouth starts hurting and that makes me mad.
  2. Meh. Too sour for my taste. I hate canned. I rarely eat fresh ones. And they don’t make pineapple juice.
  3. Reminds me of Sponge Bob.
  4. They’re yummy. I like pineapples, but not as much as oranges.
  5. I don’t like them because they have a weird texture, but my coach told me they’ re a natural anti-inflammatory like painkillers.
  6. They are pleasant. They are tropical. They are yellow.
  7. Umm…they’re fruit… I don’t think much about them much.
  8. Fruity. Cake comes to mind. Tangy circular slices.
  9. Really. Really. Yummy. <3
  10. It reminds me of Psych. The show. Where a pineapple is hidden on every show and its fans must find it.
  11. I’m a huge fan of the real things – they’re yummy and pretty and look very tropical before sliced up (and even after). I LOATHE canned pineapple rings however, won’t touch them. And I’m pretty packages of pineapples, like carts of bananas, are one of the things that those tropical tarantulas sometimes get imported in with.
    Oh and Spongebob.
    They still remind me of Spongebob.

Conducting this experiment just reminded me of the varying perspectives we have in such a culturally jumbled up blend. The more opinions you add, the more interesting the flavor of the pineapple seems, doesn’t it?

The Subway Effect

Subways is one of my favorite fast food restaurants. They’re speedy, clean and fresh. Well, they’re sometimes fresh. I only go to the subway restaurants that have a lot of customers, because the ones sellin’ like hotcakes probably got fresh stock. I don’t want rotten tomatoes. I want the fresh stuff. I want the restaurant that sells them the fastest because those are recognized as a ‘good place to eat’ by other people. And so I want to eat there too.

And this effect where good things just becomes more reputable naturally  – dubbed by me as the Subway effect – can be applied to almost every field. Your reputation at the workplace/school. Your superawesome comic strips.

This … blog?

The Government is Great.

The government is becoming greatly powerful .

Apparently now, 78% of Americans think that the government is responsible to help find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. The government? What? How is the government going to find a cure for Alzheimer’s? Why don’t we just leave this to actual scientists who can actually solve problems in a methodological fashion? The government (especially now almost $14 trillion in debt) should definitely not be sticking its hand into more trouble. Leave the research and cultural advancements for individuals who are intelligent enough to claim the fame.

The government is only great if it raises autonomy. Culture grows when people in general grows. The government should just govern. What do you think? Leave a comment.

We all think we’re right, don’t we?

This post is dedicated to all the irate goofballs out there who think that they are right. Scratch that; this post is for everybody. Nobody’s perfect. I’ll be frank and tell you that I’m the worst of the sort. Everybody think that every action they execute is rightly justified. However, righteousness is different from the truth.

In a world where you have complete control of the situation, you’ll always believe what you are doing is justified. Your ethical or logical decisions may make sense argumentatively, but then there would be the other side countering back. Arguing profusely in retaliation would satisfy your ego defense mechanisms, but it’ll solve nothing.  Continue reading