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Dice with Buddies (Yahtzee) personal heuristics

1. Be somewhat certain you can get the 35 bonus before you fill up 4 of a kind unless you are totally winning and are just looking for a safe game.

2. The 35 bonus requires an average of 3x per ever single category. Aiming for 3x in each will fail. Aim for 4x on some 5s, and 6s and worry about the 1s, 2s, and 3s at the end. With this in mind, the 1s square is a pretty good box for busted draws as it is pretty much worthless.

3. The chance square should be used for busted large straight draws. Unless very high busted 3,4 of a kinds later in game can get you high chance scores.

4. Chase for 5 of a kind (Yahtzee) early in the game. Don’t be afraid to use it as a filler for busted draws as you run out of turns. On that note, this rule is the same but looser for 4 of a kind and full house. If you don’t score for 4 of a kind or full house, realistically, will probably lose.

5. Promising high initial rolls of 1s or 2s or other combinations of low numbers, unlike 6s, should be used to chase full house, 5 of a kinds (Yahtzee) or perhaps even straights. Busted full house, 5 of a kinds can be used to fill 1s and 2s, etc.

6. Though it might be tempting to re-roll everything if you get a bogus initial roll, consider keeping the highest number for high 3 or 4 of a kinds. On that note, don’t be afraid to re-roll everything if there is nothing, but always consider the board. For example, keep a 3 if you’re thinking about small straight possibilities, etc.

7. Though expected value is difficult to mentally calculate especially with three turns ahead, it is useful to be aware that it is unwise to go for 4 of a kind or 5 of a kind when you have a full house even if it is 3 sixes.

8. More expected value: If you roll a small straight with a double (2 5s or 2 6s), don’t reroll for the 35 bonus points. Get points for small straight.

9. Banking on rolling 3 of a kind for any specific number in mind is a bad idea as it is statistically infrequent. If you get a pair of 5s but you already have 5s, maybe good idea to go for 3 of a kind instead even if you are hard headed with the 35 bonus points.

Any other heuristics you use? share in comments! (:


Attractive mathy links

The links below increases in progressive ‘mathy’ difficultyness. You don’t have to understand everything, but I hope you found these links as interesting as I did!

^_^ Here we go.

This, I think, is my favorite game theory video, great real life badassery. One of the contestants pulls a trick that is incredibly clever.

xkcd, my favorite webcomic, is now introducing explanations to silly, hypothetical physics questions.

Some homosexual math statistics. (Don’t worry, it’s appropriate!)

I scored a 0 on this ridiculously simple math test. I dare you to do better.

How to statistically win at hangman. The author goes from a completely random guess to an exact hangman science. (Also, here is a game analysis of battleship, and how to win at it!)

As a visual person, I love math which can be graphically shown. It’s something that I try to do myself. This shows a visual proof for triangular numbers.

This site very clearly demonstrates properties of a fascinating fourth dimension. minutephysics revived my attention on this subject.

Toilets. What is awkward is a very nice math problem!

What is the probability you’re selected as a tribute for the hunger games? Here are two statistic rundowns.

Back of the envelope physics questions. You can learn something every day from these small tidbits. Quite difficult, but very practical questions!

Does entertainment really run our lives?

We are not living for survival anymore. Food and shelter can be obtained with ease for the most of us. Then what now do our lives revolve around?

In the book Timeline by Michael Crichton, is is noted that perhaps are lives are now driven by entertainment. Our society as a mass is not driven by knowledge or mood or people or superstition, but by our need to be entertained. Because of technology, pleasing ourselves become infinitely easier; youtube on tap, books on demand, games at ease, chatting in clicks.

Technology is a shroud of an artificial ‘key to happiness.’ And we are swimming quite well in it. We are immersed in this world where entertainment drives us. A moment which we are lack of entertainment is a moment which we feel our life is incomplete. We tell ourselves that ‘Life isn’t life once we reach happiness.’ And this entertainment is happiness.

As you are reading this, you are hoping to be entertained.

I predict that in the future, our lifestyle will be more absorbed around this key trend our society is following.

The Future of Video Games

Video games are one of the newest and most popular forms of entertainment available today. It has shown itself to present a malleable concept that can appeal to people from all ages, all demographics, and all skill levels. Moreover, it has shown itself to be enjoyable, engaging, and challenging to many people. But perhaps the most exciting attribute of this emerging field is that it is emerging. Technological innovations can often be applied to change the face of video games, and what we think of when we hear “video game” is also constantly changing. Continue reading