rockets and creativity

Recently, I’ve been roleplaying a rocket scientist. I’m not even kidding; this is an illegal hobby of mine. (Also, I’ve been playing with candles and the effects of diluting various chemicals e.g. toothpaste, cologne, water, etc. this video; a candle doesn’t need a wick to light, super interesting)  shhhhhh! Don’t tell anyone I do this!

(here is the link to a video on my facebook of one of my rocket tests)

I bought some solid potassium nitrate in the form of garden stump remover (spectracide brand; the other brands don’t have potassium nitrate as active ingredient). Then I used granulated white sugar sucrose. (for better results, use pure sorbitol) I don’t have pure glucose, but I think that would work even better. Heated on the stove with catalyst iron (III) oxide, it creates very very effectual rocket fuel. 

What does this have to do with creativity? October sky.

I am relatively obsessed with this stuff. I mean, I’ve been ordering the stuff online. And I’m creating nozzles out of 3dsmax (so I can 3d print). I learned how a nozzle works. And I learned the state laws on firing rockets. This has to do with creativity because when you’re interested in something, you’ll want to explore every facet of something. It’s pretty exciting. And to me creativity is all about being excited for something. I don’t know.


What are you thinking?

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