Attractive mathy links

The links below increases in progressive ‘mathy’ difficultyness. You don’t have to understand everything, but I hope you found these links as interesting as I did!

^_^ Here we go.

This, I think, is my favorite game theory video, great real life badassery. One of the contestants pulls a trick that is incredibly clever.

xkcd, my favorite webcomic, is now introducing explanations to silly, hypothetical physics questions.

Some homosexual math statistics. (Don’t worry, it’s appropriate!)

I scored a 0 on this ridiculously simple math test. I dare you to do better.

How to statistically win at hangman. The author goes from a completely random guess to an exact hangman science. (Also, here is a game analysis of battleship, and how to win at it!)

As a visual person, I love math which can be graphically shown. It’s something that I try to do myself. This shows a visual proof for triangular numbers.

This site very clearly demonstrates properties of a fascinating fourth dimension. minutephysics revived my attention on this subject.

Toilets. What is awkward is a very nice math problem!

What is the probability you’re selected as a tribute for the hunger games? Here are two statistic rundowns.

Back of the envelope physics questions. You can learn something every day from these small tidbits. Quite difficult, but very practical questions!


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