Why I suck at vocabulary

I suck at vocabulary.

I realized that my vocab sucked a month ago when I thought the verb form of demolition was demolite. Demolite isn’t a word; I meant demolish. And my friends made fun of me after that. So I cried.

I tried to memorize vocabulary the normal way first; using flash cards. However, I failed; the words went into my short termed memory and I fell asleep learning them. Falling asleep, I dreamed of a vocabulary wizard tapping my head and I suddenly learned all the words in the world. I woke up and realized it was only a dream. So I cried.

I quickly gave up; learning by flashcards was pretty boring.

So I recorded myself explaining and drew interpretations of vocabulary words. And those words went straight to my long term memory. [below are some examples] I had fun by expressing words naturally without the dullness of rote memorization.

I still suck at vocab.
But at least now I’m trying.

[click images below to enlarge]


One thought on “Why I suck at vocabulary

  1. You Know Who

    I memorized a lot of words last summer, and now, I only remember about half of them :-(
    Keep up the good work. I like the pictures!


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