Artificial Intelligence

A few years ago, I didn’t know the difference between influence and affluence. And teachers told me to be wary of the contrast. Now that I understand the difference, I see no difference in the word choice in the following sentence:

The internet has _____.
a) influence      b) affluence

Indeed, the internet has both influence and affluence, popularity and opulence, to such a degree that it is almost a religion: [video].

If Facebook is a celebrity, then the internet is a god. If Twitter is a 200 pound bass fish, then the internet would be the torrential rivulet that carries it. The influence of internet is so ubiquitous that we sometimes cease to notice it. In the future, the internet browser will be as widespread as paper. In fact, that’s exactly what the chromebook is: [video].

Not only is the internet torrentially influential, it is also mighty affluent, rich like a limitless gold mine, educational resources at the touch, monetary  transactions at the click.

So what are we going to do with the internet?

Personally, I believe that’s the wrong question. The right question: What is the internet going to do with us? The web has grown so much that it is now a monster that we each have a part of. And if it dies (which is nearly impossible), the framework of society perishes.

So that’s the internet. Affluent. Influent.

A. I.


What are you thinking?

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