I, an agnostic

The following post is what I think about religion in general from an agnostic’s point of view.

You can tag me as an agnostic, but that isn’t really it, is it? An agnostic is one who believes that we shouldn’t be too sure about the existence of god, that religion is a farce, that religion is a myth. For starters, to me, religion is not a farce. It’s real. With a couple of billion people raised traditionally to believe in the existence of a higher being, it’s undeniable that the system is complex and tangible.

Unlike many others, my parents never talked about god or religion so I had no idea who or what God was until elementary school. And I feel that this experience, or lack thereof, greatly influenced my agnostic opinions.

I understand that it’s impossible to take out religion as a whole, and I don’t think we should. And in fact, I kind of like it. I like the religious people around me even thought I’m not exceptionally religious myself. Religion is becoming less and less about ‘supreme importance’ or ‘worship of superhuman’, but about a belief, a comforting and moralistic belief that there is a purposePeople who are driven are really awesome people to hang around with. People with an existentialistic twang can get a bit itchy.

Unlike some agnostics, I don’t feel that religious wars are stupid. Sure, they catalyze many deaths, but they are necessary old-age antics to ensure the strength of the religion, to exemplify what lengths of people will go to to justify their beliefs. If they stop, then the purpose and drive of religion will also become futile.

However, in the present day, it’s even more important to have an open mind. One can be both spiritually dogmatic and open-minded. Those who can see lights in other faiths but still remain strong-standing in their own are greatly admired. Though it’s difficult – and kinda defeats the purpose of the religious desire – it’s necessary. The religion of peace should be the trump card.

I think I used to be an atheist, but then I saw the necessity of an open mind. I would be under-qualified and rude if I completely discredited a set of spiritual mantras that were intact for millenniums. The world is mystical, and we harvest at least some faith in the unknown; that’s why it’s called faith.

So that’s me, an agnostic.


What are you thinking?

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