Do you have a popcorn brain?

I do, and it’s driving me nuts.

What is it? Your brain changes. And internet may be changing it for the worse. Nicholas Carr did an article on it. and CNN wrote about it recently.

The stimulation of multitasking in the electronic world is slowly generating an extremely ‘poppy’ brain. It’s not noxious or life threatening, but it’s very irritating. I often find my eyes dallying across the page, unfocused, while thinking about life and other completely unrelated things. When I write, my writing tends to be extremely multifaceted, sometimes even rubbish. When I speak, watch out.

I am reprehensible, getting an exorbitant amount of screen time, but I am trying; I don’t use the computer as often during the summer, and I’m definitely reading more. And I’m also exercising more, trying to enlarge technology hiatuses throughout my day.

The sad truth is, many people are inflicted with popcorn brain. Let me guess, you are extremely distracted, and you’re thinking about other things as you read this blog. The last time you touched your phone was within the hour. But even sadder is, popcorn brain may be inevitable. The internet is one of the most useful and ubiquitous tools. I can flip to page 29 of a dictionary and read up the definition of ‘abhor’, or I can much google it in one shot. Our society is digitalized, and we’re compelled to live it.

The internet is a very benevolent and impressive thing, connecting, entertaining, educating, edifying. However, we are natural hedonists so we are suckers for the crap that gives us immediate pleasure. Blech.

I completely abhor it; it makes me disgustingly divergent. And it’s driving me totally nuts.


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One thought on “Do you have a popcorn brain?

  1. oleg

    This is a marvel of the adaptive capabilities of the human mindset to fit the environment, and not itself a bad thing.

    The lack of natural selection in the human race has the consequence of us evolving for the worse. There is no way around this.

    If people who were bad at this “pop corn” kind of thinking were killed off, then humans would evolve with this as a primary mindset.

    In time, we would evolve into excellent multi-taskers capable of accessing and assessing information quickly and accurately.

    Unfortunately, since intelligence and skill are not required for reproduction, the human race is doomed.


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