Six reasons to use chopsticks … (筷子)

1 So your ‘Asian and Pacific Islander’ friends don’t look down on you.

2 Spoons and forks don’t train your finger muscles.

3 Why else are there so many good asian piano players?

4 Eat rice the right way.

5 How else would you eat a chicken wing without touching the wing?

6 You have dual nightsticks when your dinner partner decides to invade you.

7 Cuz I said so.


3 thoughts on “Six reasons to use chopsticks … (筷子)

      1. Han Min Kyung

        So many different cultures use chopsticks, and for different varieties of foods. From West to Far Eastern Asia, surely hundreds of cultures enjoy the history and culture behind two simple pieces of wood. Yet in Asia, we all use forks, because we have succumbed ourselves to a “superior” (yeah, right) culture from EUROPE. Everything we do is now modeled after European way of life, because they have and still demonstrate how successful they are through their way of life.

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