Stop sharpening your pencils to get the point

I can almost taste summer and I’m sitting by a friend right now. So I guess I’ll play a game with my friend, writing out a dialogue.

Me: What’s the point of school?
Him: To be successful when you grow up?
Me: How do you be successful? By just going to school?
Him: Well, you learn things.
Me: I agree. You need to learn to be successful. But, can’t I do that outside of school too?
Him: Well, you’re more, how should I put it, more concentrated I guess at school. Because at home, there are a lot of distractions.
Me: And you’re not distracted at school?
Him: Not as often as at home.
Me: So you’re worse learning at home?
Him: Yeah.
Me: So what happens when you get out of school? You won’t be able to learn anymore?
Him: You can learn; it just takes more effort and time.
Me: You’re stupid. xD

He’s in 6th grade. Kudos to Tenshin for being a good sport.  :D
“The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.” – Albert Einstein.


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