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Six reasons to use chopsticks … (筷子)

1 So your ‘Asian and Pacific Islander’ friends don’t look down on you.

2 Spoons and forks don’t train your finger muscles.

3 Why else are there so many good asian piano players?

4 Eat rice the right way.

5 How else would you eat a chicken wing without touching the wing?

6 You have dual nightsticks when your dinner partner decides to invade you.

7 Cuz I said so.


New word: Schadenfreude

I learned a new word today: schadenfreude. It’s a four syllable noun. It’s the enjoyment you get from the pain derived from others. Why else would you watch depressing dramas and overly sadistic killing-spree movies? This word is sadistically awesome. I’ll be sure to use it in my writing soon.

So there. A new word: Schadenfreude.

Can money buy happiness?

Almost everything around you is created with paid labor – your computer, your clothes, and even probably your tree outside. When you have enough money, you can literally buy anything. However, in this materialistic world, it’s not about what you can buy anymore; it’s about what you can’t buy.

If you find philosophical soliloquies boring, this is not the blog post for you.

I was wondering about this question asked my health teacher, Mr. M: Can money buy happiness? As the reclusive recalcitrants in health class, my friends who sat in the back row and I argued flippantly against Mr. M, declaring that ‘heck yes, money can buy happiness.’ What we believed didn’t matter – personally, I did not believe that money could buy happiness – all I wanted to do was make Mr. M’s time as difficult as possible. But now, I am asking myself seriously: Can money buy happiness?

For argument sakes, comfort and satisfaction is the same thing as happiness.

For the layman, the answer is immediately yes. Money can be used to buy personal indulgence which translates into happiness. Bought comfort can make almost any person happy. Good food. Good clothing. Good fun. Yum. However, then I realized that happiness to a meatpacking worker is different to that of an aristocrat; the comfort expected of these two individuals are different. Theoretically, if the meat packing worker won the lottery, he probably would start living a very admirable life. But then his standards of ‘happiness’ would slowly increase until he would achieve no more satisfaction in eating exquisite saltwater lobsters. In that sense, money can only buy immediate happiness.

However, then I realized that there is also happiness that money cannot buy. Love and trust, for example, needs to be seasoned by time. In that sense, showering a little boy to earn his trust might even have a perverse effect; what the little boy needs is some attention and love and care.

The happiness where one spends time to obtain is becoming more and more elusive.

That is all. Money can’t buy the rich kind of happiness.

Stop sharpening your pencils to get the point

I can almost taste summer and I’m sitting by a friend right now. So I guess I’ll play a game with my friend, writing out a dialogue.

Me: What’s the point of school?
Him: To be successful when you grow up?
Me: How do you be successful? By just going to school?
Him: Well, you learn things.
Me: I agree. You need to learn to be successful. But, can’t I do that outside of school too?
Him: Well, you’re more, how should I put it, more concentrated I guess at school. Because at home, there are a lot of distractions.
Me: And you’re not distracted at school?
Him: Not as often as at home.
Me: So you’re worse learning at home?
Him: Yeah.
Me: So what happens when you get out of school? You won’t be able to learn anymore?
Him: You can learn; it just takes more effort and time.
Me: You’re stupid. xD

He’s in 6th grade. Kudos to Tenshin for being a good sport.  :D
“The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.” – Albert Einstein.


First of all. You’re amazing and gorgeous.

Tomorrow’s my first day of finals. Should be easy enough. Math. Chem. English. All my major classes in one day. I hope I kill it, but this post is not about taking really boring tests. This post is about tomorrow. And even tomorrow, a big test day, it’s all about showing off your life, your learning, and your laugh. It’s never about taking tests, guys. Remember that, even if you’re taking your finals. It’s about the epicness of you.

Take a deep breath. Allow the sun to hit you. Open your arms, and await it.