Monthly Archives: February 2011

Sans Change

Relative to the sun, the earth is moving 67,000 miles per hour. (That’s nearly 4 times the speed of the average rocket.) Atmospheric pressure is at about 1 kilogram per square centimeter. Do we feel it? No. Despite the extremes, we feel acceleration but not constancy. We feel change.

However, other times, when things are so still, the stillness overcomes the change. And we now lived in a world where stillness is more valued than advancements. Minimal change is pretty rare. There seems to be less conservatism and more radical thinking. There’s now exists a ‘change’ inflation in our world. Suddenly, change is the new standstill.

When is the last time you spent the entire day without talking?

When is the last time you spent an entire day without the computer or phone?

If you looked outside, would you see a car?

Now that we change so much, going on without change would be sort of a change by itself. If suddenly, no one invented anything, there would be a marketing crises. In this society, you have shown that you can live with change. However, now the question is, can you live without change?