The most important skill in life is …

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As much as I want to believe I’m perfect, I’m not.

However, I like to believe I’m a piece of silly putty, and I can stretch myself to that desired shape. If a rectangular shape doesn’t work, I can mold myself to a circle. It’s important to alter yourself along the way so that you don’t get stuck in a whirlwind of changes.


If you cannot adapt, then you are screwed like a rusty nail. – A wise friend.

It is one of the most vital trait out there. Without adaptation, humans would never come to be. Without adaptation,Jobs would never create the second generation iPod. Without adaptation, we’d be dried clay, unable to fit in any crevice.

What is Adaptation?

It’s learning.

It’s absorbing.

It’s changing.

Adaptation is when you alter your belief or lifestyle or intake or outlet etc. because of your environment. We were once bacteria, and it is by morphing to accustom to the environment do we become complex and ‘better.’ Indeed, we adapt to become better, to become more agility suited as time progress, as the situation alters, as a difficulty arises.

From my point of view, there are two types of adaptations, passive and active.

Passive Adaptation

Passive adaptation is changing yourself in nonchalant conditions. Instead of going to the bookstore, you might switch it up a bit and go to the library. Instead of favoring the color red, you might enjoy the color orange. In other words, you aren’t forced to change, but you change anyways.

These changes are sometimes better than active adaptation.

Motivation is a form of passive adaptation. You might be motivated to win a competition; it is a change of belief. However, it can also be negative; giving up or being lazy.

Use passive adaptation to you advantage. Be aware of your lifestyle and find drive to change yourself for the better. Nobody can tell yourself what to do. And sometimes the most monumental life changes occur when you are alone. Give some thought to yourself. It might help.

Active Adaptation

Active Adaptation has its roots in evolution, forcing certain animals to take up mutations for survival purposes. It’s forced changes in your behavior.

We can see active adaptation today.

Look around you. Job losses. Divorces. Lifestyle changes. Growth. Decline. Diets. It’s how you change to suit these changes that’s going to matter because at the end, a divorce is a divorce. But you can choose to be sad or happy. At the end, an fail is a fail, but you can choose to become better.

As the entire world changes, so should you. Do not be stubborn. Ride the wave. Reap the positive affects of societal growth.


Thus, you can be smart and you can be strong. You can be lucky, but adapting to the world is one of the most important traits you can possess. The future will be indubitably different, and you’ll have to reshape yourself to be successful.


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