The Cotton I’ll Keep

When I was small, I read a very inspiring symbolic story about cotton.

In this world, in order for larger cotton to flourish, the smaller cotton must be plucked out so that the nutrients can be focused. After all, the main reason for the fall of Rome and Spain was that their forces were too spread thin. One must be concentrated and focused and have its forces not ‘divided’ in order to succeed.

Be divided and be conquered. Be united and be successful.

It is not possible to do everything in life. It’s not possible to enjoy the scent of every flower along the way. However, it is indeed possible to savor one flower and put it to heart. The pleasure of that flower can be intensified if you don’t spread your attention.

Being 1st in one thing is better than being 5th in 5 things.

Or at least in my opinion. It’s a trend that always come up.

What do you think? Leave a comment.


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