It’s Starting to Look a lot like Christmas.

Christmas. Wafting scents of cookie dough and caroling. Jingle bells and snowing. And the warm spirit. It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas. People are starting to put the lights up. Snow and hot chocolate and Santas and choirs.

In my life, it’s a long period of rest and time for family instead of a time of present buying and frenzied shopping and an overhype of gifts. Overcomsumption, and a drive to put gifts in the center is not the way to go. Once you think about it, nobody even touches the toy the day after Christmas. It’s the people that matter. I’m very lucky to have dedicated friends and warm family members. The spirit is priceless.

But I agree; it does get pretty hectic. Just keep it as simple as possible and make life as meaningful as possible for yourself and for those around you. After all, that’s the whole idea of Christmas.

Mmm. Snow, the plentiful diamond in December. The snow just makes you want to cuddle up inside. Fantastic fun. And I’m very lucky. It’s going to soon be another year. Another time to forget the past and advance for the future.

Now I’m hungry for a candy cane. It’s looking great outside, a lot like Christmas.


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