The Essence of Discomfort

My last post was on comfort. It’s almost the holidays; let’s get a pessimistic post out of the way.

I just watched a little kid today playing with a lighted match. He ended up burning the tip of his finger, yelping a probably exaggerated scream of pain. He probably learned to never touch fire again. Why? It hurts. It doesn’t take some serious cranium to figure that out. Discomfort breeds someone to not do something.

However, discomfort also breeds someone to do something. In fact, some of the greatest changes in our society have their foundations on the concept of discomfort. We evolve to reach for comfort. We become thicker skinned from the discomfort of weathering. Discomfort plays a big role in helping you level up through life. Why do you exercise? Why do you do your homework?

Discomfort battles laziness.


What are you thinking?

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