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The most important skill in life is …

For the Pokemon Fans! :D


As much as I want to believe I’m perfect, I’m not.

However, I like to believe I’m a piece of silly putty, and I can stretch myself to that desired shape. If a rectangular shape doesn’t work, I can mold myself to a circle. It’s important to alter yourself along the way so that you don’t get stuck in a whirlwind of changes.


If you cannot adapt, then you are screwed like a rusty nail. – A wise friend.

It is one of the most vital trait out there. Without adaptation, humans would never come to be. Without adaptation,Jobs would never create the second generation iPod. Without adaptation, we’d be dried clay, unable to fit in any crevice.

What is Adaptation?

It’s learning.

It’s absorbing.

It’s changing.

Adaptation is when you alter your belief or lifestyle or intake or outlet etc. because of your environment. We were once bacteria, and it is by morphing to accustom to the environment do we become complex and ‘better.’ Indeed, we adapt to become better, to become more agility suited as time progress, as the situation alters, as a difficulty arises.

From my point of view, there are two types of adaptations, passive and active.

Passive Adaptation

Passive adaptation is changing yourself in nonchalant conditions. Instead of going to the bookstore, you might switch it up a bit and go to the library. Instead of favoring the color red, you might enjoy the color orange. In other words, you aren’t forced to change, but you change anyways.

These changes are sometimes better than active adaptation.

Motivation is a form of passive adaptation. You might be motivated to win a competition; it is a change of belief. However, it can also be negative; giving up or being lazy.

Use passive adaptation to you advantage. Be aware of your lifestyle and find drive to change yourself for the better. Nobody can tell yourself what to do. And sometimes the most monumental life changes occur when you are alone. Give some thought to yourself. It might help.

Active Adaptation

Active Adaptation has its roots in evolution, forcing certain animals to take up mutations for survival purposes. It’s forced changes in your behavior.

We can see active adaptation today.

Look around you. Job losses. Divorces. Lifestyle changes. Growth. Decline. Diets. It’s how you change to suit these changes that’s going to matter because at the end, a divorce is a divorce. But you can choose to be sad or happy. At the end, an fail is a fail, but you can choose to become better.

As the entire world changes, so should you. Do not be stubborn. Ride the wave. Reap the positive affects of societal growth.


Thus, you can be smart and you can be strong. You can be lucky, but adapting to the world is one of the most important traits you can possess. The future will be indubitably different, and you’ll have to reshape yourself to be successful.


The Cotton I’ll Keep

When I was small, I read a very inspiring symbolic story about cotton.

In this world, in order for larger cotton to flourish, the smaller cotton must be plucked out so that the nutrients can be focused. After all, the main reason for the fall of Rome and Spain was that their forces were too spread thin. One must be concentrated and focused and have its forces not ‘divided’ in order to succeed.

Be divided and be conquered. Be united and be successful.

It is not possible to do everything in life. It’s not possible to enjoy the scent of every flower along the way. However, it is indeed possible to savor one flower and put it to heart. The pleasure of that flower can be intensified if you don’t spread your attention.

Being 1st in one thing is better than being 5th in 5 things.

Or at least in my opinion. It’s a trend that always come up.

What do you think? Leave a comment.

It’s Starting to Look a lot like Christmas.

Christmas. Wafting scents of cookie dough and caroling. Jingle bells and snowing. And the warm spirit. It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas. People are starting to put the lights up. Snow and hot chocolate and Santas and choirs.

In my life, it’s a long period of rest and time for family instead of a time of present buying and frenzied shopping and an overhype of gifts. Overcomsumption, and a drive to put gifts in the center is not the way to go. Once you think about it, nobody even touches the toy the day after Christmas. It’s the people that matter. I’m very lucky to have dedicated friends and warm family members. The spirit is priceless.

But I agree; it does get pretty hectic. Just keep it as simple as possible and make life as meaningful as possible for yourself and for those around you. After all, that’s the whole idea of Christmas.

Mmm. Snow, the plentiful diamond in December. The snow just makes you want to cuddle up inside. Fantastic fun. And I’m very lucky. It’s going to soon be another year. Another time to forget the past and advance for the future.

Now I’m hungry for a candy cane. It’s looking great outside, a lot like Christmas.

The Age of Million-Function Phones

Indeed, we are amidst a new paradigm shift. Everything’s being electronized so that everything’s more compact and more efficient and more intertwined. It’s a process of societal unity. It’s vital to compete in this new age for growth. Email is the new medium of long distance communication and Facebooking is the new form of casual socializing. Online games is the new solitaire and Google Reader is the new magazine subscription.

As the new age unravel, more is available at our fingertips. And the growth is exponential; in a few years, you’ll find some additions to your phones that’ll seem almost incredulous now. However, the more growth in this direction, the more our life would be involved with it, and the more trust we would instill in this system.

It’s an efficient world. Very efficient. Snail mail that would take weeks now takes hours. What was fast is slow now.

The primary cause to our technological reliance is that the world is closing in to our finger tips. In order to stay fit, we must ride the wave. If we don’t, everyone else will be way ahead. The internet is the perfect product of the modern age. It’s powerful and convenient – I go online to check my email, watch videos, research, buy merchandise – all in one place! And it has the trust of the consumer – it’s free and it’s versatile in its medium.

However, we must beware. The Amish – and some old people – might be right about some things.

People are becoming increasingly more absorbed with the digital world due to the fact that it is so useful, connecting everybody in a society with the sleight of hand. However if you haven’t noticed, people are changing. Instead of spending time with friends, we are playing games online. Instead of watching movies and shooting the breeze with friends, we often catch ourselves sitting reclusively in front of a screen doing nothing in particular.

Like droning out boring advertisements, we slowly drone out life.

Luckily, in my opinion, this is no addiction. This is misuse and the correction is extremely simple. Go out away from the screen! You’ll want to feel connected, but  don’t serve technology as it’s supposed to serve you. Go out! Find joy away from the screen. Weigh your life and consider the importance of people.

Technology is an imminent factor of growth today. And only when we tame ourselves can we truly tame technology, and thus tame the growth of society.

The Essence of Discomfort

My last post was on comfort. It’s almost the holidays; let’s get a pessimistic post out of the way.

I just watched a little kid today playing with a lighted match. He ended up burning the tip of his finger, yelping a probably exaggerated scream of pain. He probably learned to never touch fire again. Why? It hurts. It doesn’t take some serious cranium to figure that out. Discomfort breeds someone to not do something.

However, discomfort also breeds someone to do something. In fact, some of the greatest changes in our society have their foundations on the concept of discomfort. We evolve to reach for comfort. We become thicker skinned from the discomfort of weathering. Discomfort plays a big role in helping you level up through life. Why do you exercise? Why do you do your homework?

Discomfort battles laziness.