Monthly Archives: November 2010

The Essence of Comfort.

I overheard some small kids working with their parents the other day. One kid said enthusiastically, “Hey, gimme  some multiplication problems. I can do them!” The extreme curiosity to do math demonstrated by this kid made me wonder. I started to think; what makes this circumstance so incredible? For one, the kid obviously has complete mastery over the multiplication table. Likewise in life, we feel more comfortable doing things that we are good at. It’s not that we don’t like to challenge ourselves; somethings that we feel comfortable doing could be something highly difficult. Every system should impose comfort.

Some might argue that when you’re comfortable, you don’t challenge yourself. There is not variation. There is not thinking creatively. However empirically, the exactly opposite effect occurs. When one is comfortable – showing mastery – one will want to improve autonomously.

The popular person at work or school is often not the richest, or hardest working person in a group. The popular person is usually the one who makes others feel comfortable around.

Thus in our society today, it is imperative for society to show some warmth and comfort in order to grow and succeed for the wellbeing of mankind. The colder something is, the slower it moves.