… here’s a rough little thought provocative idea…

Dusting. Think. Alright, keep thinking, think some more… What’s your opinion on dusting? Here’s mine. But I might mention first that this does have a point. Yep. Not just a rant about how much I hate dusting. Anyway, I hate dusting. I hate it with ever microfiber of my being. I hate it more than I hated English today when the teacher droned on for an hour about 1. our sharable draft assignment and 2. our blogging assignment. Really simple things that could easily be articulately explained in 5 minutes. But no – But trust me! – dusting is worse (assuming you’re me). Something so menial, so pointless, so homicide-inspiring should really be outlawed. Which, of course, makes no sense. Because we’re talking about dusting. Which is just a simple cleaning process for your home. Why in the world do I so maliciously, vehemently hate dusting?

I spent a lot of time thinking about this. Mostly because I had nothing better to do in English class today. Because I knew there had to be a deeper meaning to my violent hate of dusting. Some anecdotal powerful thought that would leave people going on riots over the use of dusters for dusting, performing hate crimes against dustless homes! Adaption. Think. Yes, think, use that bulky thing you call a head… What do you think of adaption, of the term in a broad sense? I love it. I live by it. I could write a holy bible for a religion named ‘Adaption.’ Of course I won’t because I’m a devoted Pastafarian*. Still! I could. I hate it when people try to keep things static, keep things from changing. It’s boring! It causes anguish, and misery, and longing for what’s gone! You can’t control the tide, and swimming against it gets you killed! And especially in these times – these so dubbed exponential times* you simply can’t get left behind! I believe so strongly, so passionately that you must always be able to run on your toes, that the ball does not come to you but you to it, that each person must constantly adapt and keep up — that’s it, isn’t it? That’s why I hate dusting.

It’s redundant. It’s short lived relief from the tide of change. You mustn’t clean out the cobwebs, you should adapt to them! It makes no sense to me, it simply goes against every microfiber of my being! (microfiber: smallest physically possible measurement in our existence) Of my believe! Of how I think! A completely unrelated life philosophy dictates my opinion – so bitterly! – of this, as said, menial harmless task. We’ve got to be careful. Humans make judgments on everything and everyone the moment they first see them! Often we pride ourselves in avoiding this and instead getting to know the inanimate object/person before judging them – but we’re lying to ourselves. These judgments are buried into our subconsciousness, to define how we think on the high level. And this is a very biased, illogical subconsciousness! I didn’t care that it made no ‘real’ sense to hate dusting – I found a decent reason and felt great going with that. I thought to myself, ‘this is so pointless and barely makes the house look different.’ Such a weak point with such emotion packed behind it. Such a weakness! Good thing it’s harmless…

But what if we weren’t talking about dusting? What if we were talking about an ethnic group, or a country? Couldn’t our biased subconsciousnesses (say that out loud!) really cause some serious damage? Is this why some people are so blatantly racist and have no problem with sending planes into innocent towers? We should be wary of our strong opinions. Be wary of seeking evidence for them to make them make sense. Chances are, if you start with no evidence, you started – though you weren’t aware of it – a strong bias. And maybe even my belief of adaption is weakly based? But what can I do about that!? This is such a deeply rooted idea, with others depending on it, that I simply can’t ridicule it. In my case, I think it’s a good thing, but what if you were deeply rooted into racism? Our low level thought is corruptible. We need to be careful of our unaware side. This mystical subconscious* – this enigma that defines our lives so intrusively with little visible footprints.

… notes…

* http://www.venganza.org/ <- For the curious

** http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUMf7FWGdCw&feature=related <- WATCH ME!

*** http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unconscious_mind

A slightly different version of this writing is on my personal blog ‘ramblings


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