My life. Procrastinated.

This is a casual rambling, typing whatever my finger wants right now. It’s 16 minutes into my life as I type up this post. In other words, I’m procrastinating while I’m thinking about doing things that I’m not going to be doing. Hooray!

So I woke up. I realized it’s a Saturday so I went back to sleep. A month ago, I even had to wake up early on Saturdays due to violin private lessons. But I’m glad that moved. Now it’s 10:12am. Now I’m to decide how to spend my day. And if this was any other afternoon, I would have karate class really late noon, but since it’s like a break between the seasons, this week I get to rest. However my day is split with 3hrs of volunteering for the Sept. Fest. Hope it’d be fun.

Now it’s 10:14 and I’m still at my computer typing thinking about what to do. I’ve just designed a quick comic strip about some crazy teacher. I got a stack of AP Euro homework right by me; I did 2 pages of it yesterday. To compensate for the uncertain feeling I got last Euro test, I’m studying extra hard for this one. If you’re interested, I’m typing this blog post on a 2 year old HP Pavilion. Pretty good. I’ve kinda smashed it with a whole bunch of applications though.

Now it’s 10:17 and I’m still at my computer thinking about what to do, while typing this blog post. I just watched this movie trailer yesterday. Really good; maybe watch the move. What do you think about that trailer? (post a comment). Let me go grab some more apple juice.

Now it’s 10:22. I’m still thinking, and I’m still looking at the pile of homework right by me. People only hate homework a lot because it’s mandatory and they’re unmotivated to complete it. Teachers should really strive to emphasize the importance of learning autonomously and learning enthusiastically. It’s hard, but it’s gonna spark some real positive change in society. I’m doing what I want to do even if others shake their heads at it. I plan solving problems due to my own interest later. I plan on reading later. What’s wrong with reading? It’s now an unpopular thing to do. Strange.

I have to stand up and stretch. I did a very difficult set of push ups yesterday (Mr. Baig knows what I’m talking about).

Now it’s 10:27. Everybody with a strong belief thinks their belief is absolutely right. Such as Christians. Sorry, that was really random. As a person, I’m really intrigued by the ecology around me. It’s 10:28. And you just learned a lot about me. Thanks for reading.

I just made up my mind on what to do. I’ll just eat. Yes. I’ll do that. I hope you had a great time going into 16 minutes of procrastination in my life. As always, leave a comment and please subscribe. Thanks!


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