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The Second Level (Part 2)

Let’s return to that world I discussed where improving by just one level is key to excellence. In the post “The Second Level”, I discussed how developing your abilities in one particular field is not quite as important as training those abilities that apply to all fields and to living life in general. But that only clarifies the ability side of the second level. What does this concept tell us about knowledge, perspective, and opinion? Continue reading


The Second Level

We have all played video games where something like this happens: Pokemon-inspired video game music plays in the background. The screen fades to black as text announces that you have advanced a level. “Congratulations,” the game says, “you have now reached level 2.” Your abilities immediately increase exponentially, and what was challenging before is now a piece of high-score-encrusted cake. Continue reading


… here’s a rough little thought provocative idea…

Dusting. Think. Alright, keep thinking, think some more… What’s your opinion on dusting? Here’s mine. But I might mention first that this does have a point. Yep. Not just a rant about how much I hate dusting. Anyway, I hate dusting. I hate it with ever microfiber of my being. I hate it more than I hated English today when the teacher droned on for an hour about 1. our sharable draft assignment and 2. our blogging assignment. Really simple things that could easily be articulately explained in 5 minutes. But no – But trust me! – dusting is worse (assuming you’re me). Something so menial, so pointless, so homicide-inspiring should really be outlawed. Which, of course, makes no sense. Because we’re talking about dusting. Which is just a simple cleaning process for your home. Why in the world do I so maliciously, vehemently hate dusting? Continue reading