Music plus Art

Please, criticize my work. Thanks! Next post will be out in less than three days. Explore this site before the next post gets published! Your role as a reader is appreciated. As usual, leave a comment, and share it with friends.


5 thoughts on “Music plus Art

  1. Anonymous

    this is really cool! how can someone so bad at drawing self-portraits conjure up this? hahaha :D why does one hand have long fingers and the other have practically nothing?

    1. theBwang Post author

      Bad at drawing self-portraits? Don’t you mean drawing amazing portraits of other people? Try looking at your hand from different perspectives. Anyways, thanks for the critical compliment. Recommendations on next posts?

  2. smilestina

    Did you use paint or some other program to make/edit this? I guess it doesn’t really matter how you did it because either way, it’s awesome! (:


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