A bad name.

I was at the library today, getting some stuff done. Then I peered to my right and my gaze was instantly pinged to a book. It was a book about the road to guruship of marketing. The book was abnormally thick, with an intelligent cover; a red egg in front of a mass of white ones. I picked this book up and carried it to the table I was sitting at. Then flipped it open to the first chapter.

It was on McDonald’s. I remembered that one of my friend claimed that there was a bug lurching in her burger. There was a time when everyone was condemning Micky D’s. It’s the same as Burger King; why focus the blame on McDonald’s.

McDonald has been very successful … yaddidy yada. But then during the 2002s, it’s revenue suddenly dropped as hordes of customers complained and tried to sue them. One customer elaborated “McDonald’s isn’t really much of a place to go out to eat anymore; it’s not very stylish. If you were to go out, you’d go to somewhere heartier and richer.” Soon, customers had the impression that McDonald’s was for poor people, the food dirty and unhealthy. It lost its style that it had a decade before. (A digression)

One speculation is that our society rides on waves of trends. And McDonald’s wasn’t forwarding itself to satisfy the customer’s quota.

I’m not here to back stab McDonald’s, that’s rarely my goal.  It’s not a bad company. It’s simply trying to fit in with the rest of capitalism, competing for cheapness.

I’m sure that there are some that gave up McDonald’s completely. A bad name. I pity them. You might dislike McDonald’s, and you might have good reasons for it, but in truth, a company’s sole purpose is to earn money; whether you decide to buy their product is your own freedom.

Now is the present. McDonald’s is striving hard to earn back its reputation, giving up their supersize option and introducing a healthy fit selection for adults. Furthermore, they established the popular McCafes all over the country, providing Starbucks like styled seats and sofas. In select parts, they’ve also developed McBistros with gourmet sandwiches. Good job, McDonald’s.

Now, everything tainted with a bad name is given bad connotations. It’s only survival of the fittest. A reputation is hard to build up, but it takes a lot to make it right.


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One thought on “A bad name.

  1. oleg

    Your target audience is usually going to be a bored person willing to give your article half a chance. It needs to be about this length.


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