We all think we’re right, don’t we?

This post is dedicated to all the irate goofballs out there who think that they are right. Scratch that; this post is for everybody. Nobody’s perfect. I’ll be frank and tell you that I’m the worst of the sort. Everybody think that every action they execute is rightly justified. However, righteousness is different from the truth.

In a world where you have complete control of the situation, you’ll always believe what you are doing is justified. Your ethical or logical decisions may make sense argumentatively, but then there would be the other side countering back. Arguing profusely in retaliation would satisfy your ego defense mechanisms, but it’ll solve nothing. 

Stand back. Let’s observe from another view.

Your cousin takes your toy red firetruck. You hit him. He hits you back. And before you know it, a kiddie brawl erupts, and suddenly you cry. Your mom runs in the room and demands an explanation. “He hit me first” and “He started it” are popular refutes, but as a bird’s-eye onlooker of the scenario, it’s obvious that both has its faults. Like any debate or argument, both side has its reasons. However sometimes our certainty and murky influence shrouds the actuality. Even Hitler had reasons to initiate WW2 and wipe out an entire group of people. We were a very racist country for a very long time. But now we see that it is incorrect to believe so.

Perhaps the toy firetruck was right fully yours , and Hitler could’ve succeeded.

We should most certainly speak our opinions; that’s the most basic right of humanity, but sometimes our hot head gets ahead of us. And instead of demonstrating your right, you are actually doing the opposite. Thus in an argument -whether it’s a hot headed fight or a intellectual debate – first attempt to see both sides of the argument, and try to keep stabilized. Next, explain your views in a civilized method.

Challenging what we think is right gets us further to the truth.

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