Easy way out.

The easiest method is often the best method. Cut the fat.

Our society is starting to seek complex answers more often than simple answers. Sometimes, in order to lead a healthier and happier lifestyles, you must work at focusing at what is important. When a problem is too hard, simply make it simpler. I propose some simple lifestyle game-changers that will make your life richer.

Suggestions from other people can be hard to take, and it can be hard convincing yourself to get into it, but it will be rewarding. Don’t take my word for it; try these obvious methods to rid yourself from being stressful, unproductive and unhappy.

Relax. How many hours of sleep did you get last night? Sleep is a natural medicine with no known adverse effects. Like a battery recharger, a person maxed out with sleep can do so much more. Sleep is also proven to sweep away stress, so resting should be an important aspect of your life. Don’t bypass sleep to get more done; you’ll ironically get less done if you’re not powered.

Before you sleep, don’t listen to music or watch TV. Instead, try to let your brain focus to a magazine or a nice book. You’ll find that you can fall to sleep a lot quicker while still thinking about ‘a lot’. I personally recommend some news articles and magazines. Stay as far away from electronics as possible.

If you don’t have time, sneak 20 – 30 min naps in between your day. These naps will prove to be more effective than coffee if used right. Don’t take naps longer than 40 minutes though; once you slip into your REM, it’s hard to wake up without being crabby. Sleep in the car. Sleep when you’re bored. And then get pumped enough to accomplish more, more effectively.

Stay Natural. I find that we are getting lazier and less focused once information as technology becomes more and more fluent and available. This phenomenon is caused by random spurts of information around of web. Because of all the cyber junk, tech savvy surfers are finding themselves adapting to a new age of informatory garbage. Try to become ineffectual from advertisements. Try to concentrate at what you are doing.

Concentrating on staying productive is unbelievably difficult. How many hours did you waste the past week doing nothing? It’s one thing to rest; it’s another thing to waste time. Once you sit there convincing that you’re only ‘checking your email’, minutes slowing pile up into hours, depriving a lot of time from you.

Therefore, I recommend staying away from the computer if possible. Instead, scratch your ideas onto paper. Try limiting your web usage by planning other activities. Instead of cooping, leg crossed in front of the computer, go work at your library. Instead of watching movies online, read a book.

And exercise. Go play Frisbee with your friends at a park!

Simplify and intensify. Your life is full of choices. You can either buy the red shirt or the blue shirt. You can go watch a movie right now, or you can type up a blog post. Try to have a mental agenda ahead of time so that you can have a brief outline to follow through.

If you’re a student, simplify your time after school; instead of doing a plethora of activities (chatting with friends, listening to music, watching a movie, executing open heart surgery etc.), try to limit yourself to one activity and intensify it so that you get it finished much faster. This way, you’ll do things actively.

In brief, do you what you like to do (and what you must do), and don’t waste your time doing other things that you will regret later.

And so, that’s about it. For more on richer yet simpler living, visit zenhabits.

Any posts you think we should cover? Feel free to email lepanacea@gmail.com. Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “Easy way out.

  1. okovko


    You don’t mention self esteem, which is a major issue a lot of people have these days. If you’re not proud of yourself and your work, you will not do work by your own will and your work will not be as impressive as it could be.

    You also hardly mention working out. As important as sleeping, a regular workout (even a light 30 minute jog a day) will give you a huge boost to willpower and self esteem. Switching from being a cynical pessimist to a positive optimist may be a rough process, but it is worth it (from an ex-cynical pessimist).

    Another key aspect you are missing is the promotion of a positive attitude. Happiness is a mental state; your life is exactly what you make of it (obviously this is more difficult in certain situations).

    You call the computer counter-resting, and a waste of time. I see where you are coming from – it is very easy to abuse your computer and television – but when they are not abused it’s an excellent way to take a break.

    Overall this isn’t bad advice. However, you present it in such a way that one would feel stressed out trying to follow all these rules. You should make this point firm: avoid worrying. Avoid routine. Avoid strictness. Then you will avoid stress.

  2. theBwang Post author

    I actually thought of the things you mentioned. Happiness is automatically generated once you start relaxing and having fun. Self esteem is the byproduct of being productive.

    Yeah, working out is a good one. Will try harder for more relevant and interesting posts. Any suggestions?

  3. okovko

    This is true, as long as you allow yourself to be happy and allow yourself to have self esteem. There are (I would like to say plenty) people who don’t.

    This is a very relevant post. The cure for all is enjoying life, after all.

    Suggestions… your blog has no restrictions. As long as you care about the topic you’re writing about, it will be a good post.


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