We’re All Ignorant Ssshhhh-sh-sharks

So if you actually think you’re a good person and contribute to the better things, if you think recycling and picking up garbage here and there are going to save you from condemnation, you are wrong. But that can be amended if you’re up to it.

Let’s stereotype. Let’s say you got this black dude sittin’ on a playground selling guns and drugs (obviously, nobody likes these guys). Some white guy walks past and ignores it. He or she doesn’t want to be afflicted in their activity. These people that do nothing about it are generally accepted as horrible and as bad as the drug and gun dealer. They’re shunned in our society. Okay, that’s good, all is well. Onto case #2 A.K.A. problem.

Same black dude. Now this white guy walks by and he’s thinking, you know, ‘Oh my god! This is wrong!’ This is your average anti drug anti violence anti-whatever . Now you might not be a white person but – this is probably you. No one likes to be the Aaa-a-aardvark (in case #1) that’s shunned by society. Now as this white guy smiles to himself or herself and gives himself or herself a mental pat on the back, he or she doesn’t seem to notice that they are just as evil as the black dude. But you know, ignorance is bliss. Until the Sshhh-sh-shenanigans hit the fan.

Please listen to this short song, keep careful attention to the lyrics: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hp6bOkfxbYQ

We’ve all been led to believe that we’re good people, that we make a difference, that we do good in this world. Well, we try, but it’s all a lie. Our individual existence in this country is driving a stake deeper into someone else’s chest. Not that anyone cares about human beings more than the natural environment. While you’re wallowing in tears over the poor wild life (which the media makes sure is up in your face all the time) some guy in some third world country in a factory is slaving away to make the $1 things you buy at Walmart (and paying for most of the product with his or her health and humanity, resulting in the cheap price). Both of these are evil. But we should be smart enough to prioritize.

Every part of our lifestyle revolves around stomping on others (and too often ourselves). And no one seems to know about it (mostly because it’s much easier to pretend it doesn’t). Sure people would care if they knew, but the media isn’t going to cover it. Why? Well because the media is run by smart people. These smart people know that our society cares a lot more about the latest pop star’s haircut than all the Ssshhh-sh-shoop-da-woops happening in the world. They like to make money, see?

So it’s up to us to fix this mess (that your parents and role models kindly left you). Us kids, us young people. Can you live with yourself for ignoring all this evil? Can you really? I can’t. Raise awareness. The first step to fixing the world is knowing it’s in horrible shape. Don’t get caught up in recycling and little problems, because you lose sight of the big picture. You go blind. Spread this message.

When you start to open the blinds and see the entire image, you are enlightened. Then you can start to contribute. You’re a small part of the problem, and you’re also a small part of the solution. Set yourself a goal – something you think is manageable. Spend an hour a day raising awareness, and form a small group of people among your friends and peers to solve a problem. I recommend convincing people to stop being so FFFf-f-frighteningly fat, it’s promoting a terrifying statistic that the rate of diabetes in the USA is increasing exponentially (to the point where almost all the USA population will be diabetic) – and more importantly it’s ruining my view. Maybe the fact that our government is run by commercial business rather than the people. Who do you think will get a senator’s attention – Miley Cyrus or you? Scary. Do you really think the United States government is going to last more than 100 years? Look up on some Roman Empire history. Ignorance causing the grand empire to fall. Sounds pretty similar. Wouldn’t you say it should be talked about? So do it. Just don’t think you’re so Ffff-f-frogging great because you recycled a can someone else tossed. There are much more important problems and you need to at least know they’re there.

(Please excuse my Ffff-f-fruity stutter)


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