Monthly Archives: June 2010

Our Secret Weapon

There are so many differences, but what is common in all of humanity?

What factor distinguishes common life from human life? Why have we been able to differentiate ourselves as a species from the crowd and rise to incomprehensible heights? There are a myriad of purported answers to this question, but most of these are effects not causes. In this post I tackle the underlying reason that these explanations strike at. I explore what makes us intelligent, adaptable, and human.

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Artificial Stupidity

Technology is an absolutely huge part of our world. Virtually everything we accomplish, from mundane tasks like household cleaning to exploring the farthest reaches of outer space, is done with the indispensable aid of machines of our own creation. Cleaning chemicals, computers, space probes, submersibles: these are all bits of manmade ingenuity that can propel us to new heights and new depths. Yet all of these technologies are fundamentally unintelligent. Continue reading