Troublesome morals; I’ll pass.

Anyways, sorry for a period of blog idleness; I was really busy the past two weeks. Actually, that’s just my excuse for procrastination, but let’s put that aside for now.

This situation was brought up to my attention when I was walking through the hallway today. I saw students cheating, trading and sharing answers from homework, which’s pretty common in our school. Copying homework once or twice can be easily justified, but when you’re transferring answers blatantly under the teacher’s nose, you know it has gone too far. Turning a blind eye is hard when it’s so obvious.

What is right? Nowadays, the narrow gap between the right and wrong is becoming more nebulous. We believe that there is justification for everything. Those who steal need money. Those who cheat need grades. However, is it possible that justification for the immoral has veered too far?

In brief, if one did not do his or her homework, should she or he copy another’s or not? Is it ultimately right?

In the year 1859, Darwin conjured his Theory of Evolution into a tightly wound, highly experimental book. It stated that the a community eliminates those that are weak and unable to help themselves. In our society, the ones who know how to take advantage are usually the ones who rise up on top, helping themselves to the shortcuts and advantages that presents itself. Nature of mankind says we should take advantage (for it’s our instinctive trait), but our good soul says otherwise.

Stealing and other ‘Robin Hood’ motives can be justified, but copying off homework is a completely different matter.

Don’t just think I’m a nice guy. (Because I’m really not)

Men are more than just primitive animals; we are higher beings; people. We have developed coherency in language, methodological processes, complex systems in government, and critical thinking patterns. We’re more than bestial. Likewise, America assumed its role as an international superpower when it realized that it’s one of the strongest, must influential country in the world. Humans control the outcome of this world. We are higher up, and therefore we assume power. It would be total chaos if our government suddenly stopped holding office for one day. In a same manner, as civilized humans, we should do what’s right simply because it is we that determine the outcome of the planet.

Therefore, on a much larger scale, we are the waitress of mother nature, ‘Santa’s Helpers’ on a much literal note.

Even though it is on the agenda of an opportunist to do something that is faster and convenient, we can do the right thing, and therefore we should do the right thing. If you can pick up that garbage on the ground, then you should pick it up.

There’s an issue with homework that I’d like to address that is completely out of the notion of moral. School emphasize too much on grades. For kids on the top of the hierarchy of GPA, one B means a week of distraught. Therefore, the freedom of homework is extremely restricted. If one did not do his homework, he would rather copy than to accept his incompletion. “One shoe size rarely fits all”, but that’s a digression into education.

So next time, if you can do the right thing, do the right thing.


2 thoughts on “Troublesome morals; I’ll pass.

  1. lemper123

    Unfotunately, one reason for cheating in schools was supplied by our own loving government. The No Child Left Behind Act (the bringer of those ISATs we all love) is just like Stalin’s Five Year Plans. By setting impossibly high standards, Stalin made it so that people would just outright lie to him about results. With the NCLB, schools and teachers can be ‘gotten rid of’ if they don’t meet the ridiculously high quota. This is causing even teachers to help kids cheat! For more on this, read Glenn Beck’s ARGUING WITH IDIOTS (Benson, you’ll love it. Right up your alley).


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