The dominance of pessimism

Pessimism is sweeping profoundly through society. Some people may justify pessimism as realism, however I believe our world has ventured a bit too far in the wrong direction. First of all, one who is pessimistic contemplates for the worst, ignoring the positive outcomes. If you have peered in the news lately, you’d see that it’s nothing but negativity.

Here are some headlines today of the New York Times:

Vote to Limit Debit Card Fees Is Surprising Loss for BanksWall St. Slides, Fearing Return to a RecessionKansas Mutual Fund Is Linked to Market’s PlungeZuma’s Frank Talk Starts AIDS Dialogue in South AfricaSize of Oil Spill Underestimated, Scientists SayU.S. Decision to Approve Killing of Cleric Causes UneaseMets Lead the Majors in Declining Attendance

I acknowledge the fact that pessimism isn’t a bad trait; we need it in order to say critical and acute. We need it to stay realistic. Excessive optimism – Day dreaming everyday about winning the lottery – isn’t very healthy either. However, our society is definitely ignoring some of the more positive aspects of life.

Why don’t we focus on some of the better aspects in life anymore? I’m sure that there are many great things happening in the world, such as the increase of life expectancy, and a great food production. Instead however, we focus on the imperfections of Obama or why Global Warming is inevitable. Perhaps the media earns more revenue when they report more negativity.

However in retrospect, such behavior on the media’s part is dramatically shaping society. In our society, we are more likely disregard feelings than ever before. Who had not called anybody a derogatory name before? In this society, everyone’s full of despondency that we give up hope and procrastinate.

In order to be effective in this game of life, we need something positive realistic goals to aim for. In order to reach mankind’s maximum potential, perhaps we need to adjust the balance by veering back on track to our original state of able-mindedness. Being realistic is good, but criticizing everything in the way is definitely negative on the long term.

Do you agree or disagree? Post a comment. Was that critical review on our society too hypercritical?


3 thoughts on “The dominance of pessimism

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