Google vs. those not Google

And the competitors are out!

Google is the grandfather of all search engines, withstanding the test of time, powerful enough to satisfy 2 million users a day. However, a newcomer proves tough, bing, acronymed as ‘But It’s Not Google!’ (Bing) takes on the popularity, going up in small but definite increments. Here, today on lePanacea, we’ll try to see who’s the verdict; which search engine is better.

1) Popularity

Bing funded by 100 million dollars, a hefty amount, solely for advertisements. And compared to Yahoo and MSN search, Bing has been rising on the ranks steadily. In my school, many students accept Bing as their primary search, for they believe it is more relevant.

Popularity with Google isn’t a concern for Google gets trillions of searches per year. Google has become so commonly used, that the term ‘google’ is synonymous for searching itself. Many Google fans dislike Bing, for they believe that Bing is a mock off of Google, which is true in some ways.

2) Homepage

The interfaces of Google and Bing both has its advantageous. Google is known for their simplicity. On their Google homepage, there’s nothing but a menu bar on top and a search bar in the middle. Sometimes, the design of the Google logo changes to match the circumstances.

The Homepage of Bing is elegant, though white is rarely the predominant color. There’s always a background photo. However, the methodological searching scheme is no different from Google: Type in a phrase, and hit enter. Bing also has a top menu.

3) Practicality

Today in school, my teacher condemned me for using Google. She said, quote “Google gives you junk results.” Google users know that this is terribly untrue; Google is apt to produce wonderful results if you jot in great relevant search phrases. However, Bing does the same. So, how do we justify which search engine is better?

Search Relevancy.

A great search engine must be able to give great search results; digging through the trillions of webpages to find the perfect page. Which does the better job? Bing or Google? To compare search relevancy, I simply typed in the same search phrase, and compared the first webpages.

Typed: “fold paper more than 7 times”

Google Result:

Bing Result:

Bing Wins. Surprisingly, Wikipedia didn’t give me what I was looking for.

Typed “coolest mario move”

Google Result:

Bing Result:

Tough choice, but since Bing’s result was so bad, I guess the Nintendo page was better. Google wins.

Typed: “taste of chicago”

Google Result:

Bing Result:

Google Wins.

Typed: “carnegie biography”

Google Result:

Bing Result:

This is a really really tough choice. PBS has a lot of great stuff on Carnegie, but looked more attractive. also included a video. Both included some relevant links. I’d say is better. Bing wins.

After several more searches, I realized that many of Google search results were essentially no different from Bing search results. However, Bing was more likely to pull searches from  ‘unexpected’ sources. Sometimes the unexpected sources were irrelevant. Other times, the sources were incredibly knowledgeable.

Apps and more.

Bing is at an outright disadvantage when it comes to other applications. Both incorporates the standard: maps, travel, shopping etc. However, Google takes a step further and intertwines Google with gmail, scholar, blogs, docs, reader, sites, and other Google products.


If you like reliability, I’d say you should continue to use If you can’t find any Google results on Google, try Bing. Maybe it’s my predominant prejudice, but I still like Google a bit better for their consistent searches. Google also connects me to Docs and Gmail, two features I depend on for everyday ease. However, if you want to hop out of the ordinary, go ahead and try Bing!

May the better Search Engine win.


2 thoughts on “Google vs. those not Google

  1. oleg

    Benson, you forgot one thing.

    Google motto: ‘Do no evil’
    Microsoft motto: ‘Do no evil anymore’ *


    Google wins. Of course, they have been evil sometimes, because they are a competitive business. But considering that they’re a competitive business, they’re very very nice.


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