Go change the world with orange soda.

Change the world ... and admire.

Or as Seth Godin would say, “Creating a clan.

Unknowing, at some point or another in life, we join clans that establish trends. A clan is a group of people that has the same set of opinions that pulled them together. For example, in a math club, members all possess the same interest of math or math competitions. We all believe in something one time or another. Environment? Political Parties? School Spirit? KKK? etc.

Think for a second what clan circles you belong in.

If you are creating a fan page on Facebook, you are starting a trend; you are leading a group that shares similar interests. You are changing the world by giving the people a place to gather, to share a common idea, to interact with others who has the same thoughts. With your group, you create synergy. The group and you benefit from each other, become greater than the individual force before.

I dare you to start a trend. Don’t become intimidated.

I don’t even care what it is. After all, it’s these random sparks of leadership that fuel the changes in the world around you. If it’s a good idea, then Darwin will help you promote it into the market of ideas. If it’s a lame idea, the society will crumble it up. Make your effort worth aiming for. Go start something. You don’t have to change the world. You merely have to gather a few people that thinks the same way you do.

Gather people to write blogs. Gather people to vote for Tracy.

You and your friend Bobby might enjoy Orange Soda. Then you guys might create an Orange Soda group, and try to find other members who has the common like of orange soda. (though this idea in real life would be instantly rejected).

Starting a trend is easy. First, you must establish what you want to see in the world. It must be something you must feel strongly about or the idea will flutter away as others try to change you. You must constantly reinforce the trend, shaping it so that it reaches out to the target population. Try to make it unique, yet demographically appealing so that people will come inquiring you. Start distributing those orange sodas. Wait until people naturally come to you, asking you what godsend product is this.

And by that time, you’ll know your movement will have succeeded. People are interested. You are leading.

Cheers. Orange soda anyone?


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