How do you plan on dying?

Obvious statement number 1: Perhaps we can change the circumstances in the future, but as of right now, everyone’s going to die sooner or later.

Obvious statement number 2: Perhaps one seek to enjoy their afterlife in heaven, but no one wants to die to get there.

According to a National Geographic article on August 2006, 1 in every 5 people die from heart disease. That’s some heavy duty stats considering that one person from your household is more than likely to die from heart disease. Pessimism? Accept one of the most crucial points of life. 1 in 119 people die from suicides. Don’t recommend you commit suicide, but you’ll definitely die some other way. Perhaps one should never think about dieing, but it’s too late, you’re reading this post.

One interesting point worthy of consideration: Man-made deaths heavily outweigh deaths attributed by nature. Though we are curing diseases such using modern medicine, we are also subsequently creating unwieldy technology (1 in 84 deaths by motor accident). Sure, 144,156 people die from floods, and 117,127 people die from earthquakes, but 1 in 314 people die from firearms assault, overshadowing the deaths caused by nature.

Back to the pessimistic premise: how do you plan on dying? Or do you believe that as straight-thinking citizens, we shouldn’t talk about dying?

Drinking jade? Sacrificing lives? No one escapes death, no matter how hard they try. Death, religion, life, are interesting topics, no?


2 thoughts on “How do you plan on dying?

  1. lemper123

    I’m a beast, so I don’t have to worry about dyi… HOLY CRAP IT’S A BEAR!!!!!!!! RUN!! RUN!! RU… (dying scream)

  2. astrocentroid

    Writer thebwang brings up a very interesting point. “Or do you believe that as straight-thinking citizens, we shouldn’t talk about dying?” Refusing to honestly and rationally considering any topic, no matter how offensive or tragic it is, is nothing short of brainwashing or censorship. I find it ridiculous that this is a concern, yet I agree that our society discourages us from talking about “controversial” (although I don’t see the controversy) topic such as this. We should address the magnitude of these topics not by ignoring them and forcing others to do the same but by considering them rationally, without fear or bias. Only then can we call our ideals truth.

    Answering thebwang’s question, I would like to die trying to improve the world. I hope that my job in the future is meaningful enough to me that I would be content dying while doing it having dedicated my whole life to something I consider a worthy cause. In other words, I want to die with a purpose and the sense that I fulfilled at least part of some overarching goal.

    When a bear attacks, you only have to outrun the other person. :)


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