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Troublesome morals; I’ll pass.

Anyways, sorry for a period of blog idleness; I was really busy the past two weeks. Actually, that’s just my excuse for procrastination, but let’s put that aside for now.

This situation was brought up to my attention when I was walking through the hallway today. I saw students cheating, trading and sharing answers from homework, which’s pretty common in our school. Copying homework once or twice can be easily justified, but when you’re transferring answers blatantly under the teacher’s nose, you know it has gone too far. Turning a blind eye is hard when it’s so obvious.

What is right? Nowadays, the narrow gap between the right and wrong is becoming more nebulous. We believe that there is justification for everything. Those who steal need money. Those who cheat need grades. However, is it possible that justification for the immoral has veered too far? Continue reading


The toilet is king

Authors: theBwang & Lemper123

The Roman Empire. Napoleon’s reign. The Tang Dynasty. The Cretaceous Period. Why did these mighty seemingly invincible eras become smothered into the tracks of history? Some people declare it was plagues that devastated these epochs. Others proclaim wars finished off some of the most powerful conglomerates in history. However, the reason why these ascendancies deteriorated became clear: The lack of toilets. Continue reading

The dominance of pessimism

Pessimism is sweeping profoundly through society. Some people may justify pessimism as realism, however I believe our world has ventured a bit too far in the wrong direction. First of all, one who is pessimistic contemplates for the worst, ignoring the positive outcomes. If you have peered in the news lately, you’d see that it’s nothing but negativity. Continue reading

A Brief History of Transportation

The Steam Engine

Transportation is filled with paradigm shifts. Our view of the world is greatly influenced by how and where we can travel, and changes in our methods of travel can change how we view the world. I explore a brief history of some of these great changes and how they affected our paradigm of our world.

Initially, humans relied on their own limbs to move themselves. Walking and occasionally swimming were the only ways to get from one place to another. Continue reading

Simple Yet Nonobvious

Too Complex?

There are some inventions that are just plain complicated. Atomic bombs, NASA rockets, and the LHC all fall under this category. Other inventions, such as cups, swords, and clubs, seem bound to happen. One one end of the spectrum we have very complex inventions and on the other we have very simple ones. Usually, this same scale reflects the creativity and originality necessary to invent these creations, but there are exceptions. I would like to explore these exceptions: inventions that are physically simple yet require a new insight to invent. Continue reading

Go change the world with orange soda.

Change the world ... and admire.

Or as Seth Godin would say, “Creating a clan.

Unknowing, at some point or another in life, we join clans that establish trends. A clan is a group of people that has the same set of opinions that pulled them together. For example, in a math club, members all possess the same interest of math or math competitions. We all believe in something one time or another. Environment? Political Parties? School Spirit? KKK? etc.

Think for a second what clan circles you belong in.

If you are creating a fan page on Facebook, you are starting a trend; you are leading a group that shares similar interests. You are changing the world by giving the people a place to gather, to share a common idea, to interact with others who has the same thoughts. With your group, you create synergy. The group and you benefit from each other, become greater than the individual force before. Continue reading