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Idealism between constraints

picture thanks to princeton blogs and picasso

Picasso once said, “We are all born artists. We just grow out of it.”

What does that imply? Picasso was a smart guy, but he was abstract in his methodological expressions. It implies that we are all once exceptionally original in our premature ideas. We were once naive to the world; we had no clue what ‘wrong’ meant. And we’d express ourselves without any barrier. However, throughout life, we slowly comprehend and extend the definition of ‘wrong’, and we learn that there are certainly many wrong things. Things that society just won’t accept. The question is: Is it correct to remain artists? Is it correct to attempt to maintain your mindset that you originally had? Continue reading


The Future of Video Games

Video games are one of the newest and most popular forms of entertainment available today. It has shown itself to present a malleable concept that can appeal to people from all ages, all demographics, and all skill levels. Moreover, it has shown itself to be enjoyable, engaging, and challenging to many people. But perhaps the most exciting attribute of this emerging field is that it is emerging. Technological innovations can often be applied to change the face of video games, and what we think of when we hear “video game” is also constantly changing. Continue reading

The Remarkable.

Stand out.

Due to heavy competition, it’s incredibly difficult to push a product into society. Like this blog, there will always be better products in the market with lower prices and better advertisement. However, it’s ultimately society that chooses what’s in and what’s not. Though the market is a seemingly random output of serendipitous ideas, what’s successful is actually determinable. First of all, the acknowledgement of such a product deems a product successful. We are more likely to buy a poor product that we hear about often than a good product that we don’t. Continue reading